Roadsider Announces Launch on NetCapital to Raise $1.2M

Roadsider announced its intention to raise $1.2 million through NetCapital.

This move is a part of Roadsider's ongoing effort to redefine roadside assistance.

DUBLIN, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 4, 2023 / -- Roadsider, Inc., a trailblazer in the $32 billion roadside assistance service market, is thrilled to announce its strategic move to raise $1.2 million through NetCapital. With this endeavor, Roadsider aims to further its mission of transforming the towing business landscape, one tow at a time.

In collaboration with NetCapital, Roadsider has established a dedicated offering page that provides potential investors with an opportunity to be part of the company's journey to reshaping the future of roadside assistance. This initiative reaffirms Roadsider's commitment to innovation, scalability, and service excellence in the industry.

“We are genuinely excited about the potential this partnership with NetCapital presents,” says AJ Sardar, Chief Executive Officer of Roadsider. “Harnessing the power of crowdfunding will propel us further in our mission to deliver efficient, safe, and rapid roadside solutions," added AJ.

Roadsider’s technology-driven approach significantly diminishes the waiting time for drivers in need, ensuring safety and quality of service. Their end-to-end, on-demand solutions not only elevate the quality of service to drivers but also foster growth, financial stability, and efficiency for towing business partners.

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About Roadsider, Inc.

Roadsider has ingeniously crafted a mobile-first SaaS software platform dedicated to addressing the prevalent challenges in the $32 billion roadside assistance service market. Through its innovative technologies, Roadsider bolsters revenue, reduces operational costs, and augments cash flow for its vast network of towing businesses. Their ultimate goal is to enhance the safety and quality of service to drivers by drastically cutting down the roadside wait time. To delve deeper into Roadsider's vision and offerings, visit

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